Climate Impact of Palmis Eneji LPG stove project

Climate Impact of Palmis Eneji LPG stove project

Location : Haiti, Port au Prince

Partners name : Palmis Eneji, Entrepreneur du Monde

Project description : PALMIS Enèji is a social business initiated by French NGO Entrepreneurs du Monde. It provides vulnerable households suffering from energy poverty with clean, modern and affordable cooking and lighing solutions. PE's range of solar lights, solar home systems and clean cookstoves have been designed to maximize health, economic and social impacts for users: less noxious emissions inhalated by women and their children while cooking, less money spent on charcoal and kerosene, less trees cut to produce charcoal, brighter and more comfortable homes.

Work done :

  • Study design, questionnaire elaboration, data analysis of the carbon and socio economic impact survey
  • Training of local team to coordinate and carry out the survey
  • Preparation of the documentation required for the certification of the carbon cookstove project under the Gold Standard.

Date Begin : 2013/10

Date End : On-going