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Climate Solutions consulting

Our Mission

At Climate Solutions, our mission is to design and manufacture sensors to enable the Digital Monitoring of Clean Cooking programs.

We have been assessing the impact of clean cooking intervention since 2008 and recognized early on that traditional household survey tools are not enough to properly assess the key metric that drive the climate, health, social and economic impact of clean cookstove and fuels.

Household Energy Systems are complex, multiple fuel and cooking technologies are often used concurrently to meet the household energy needs and to provide the flexibility and redundancy needed in uncertain markets where the availability of fuel is uncertain.

To meet this challenge, we have designed a modular suite of sensor that can be adapted to any household situation and research need. A combination of up to 20 sensors of any type can be deployed in the same household to monitor key metrics like stove usage, fuel consumption, PM concentration and exposure, climate and health impact.


Our services

We provide three level of service to best meet the needs of our customers.




We have deployed our sensors in more than fifteen countries in thousands of households. Our technology is well proven and mature. By vertically integrating the design, manufacture, deployment and data analysis of our sensors we are able to iterate quickly and make sure our designs are relevant, user friendly and well adapted to the needs of our customers.

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Contact Us

  • Climate Solutions Consulting SAS
  • 10 rue Beranger de la Tour 07200 Aubenas
  • +33 (0)6 17 67 48 60
  • SIRET: 852 778 489


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