Climate Impact of Nafa Naana LPG stove project

Climate Impact of Nafa Naana LPG stove project

Location : Burkina Faso, Ougadougou

Partners name : Nafa Naana, EdM

Project description : This initiative makes it easier for Burkina Faso’s poorest households to access eco-friendly alternative technologies. “Nafa Naana” – which means “gains made easy” in the local language – combines custom micro-finance solutions with the availability of high-quality products to provide improved cook stoves and solar lamps to families in Ouagadougou. The project improves quality of life for residents in the capital city, and there are plans to turn it into a franchised expansion.

Work done :

  • Study design, questionnaire elaboration, data analysis of the carbon and socio economic impact survey
  • Training of a local team to coordinate and carry out the survey
  • Preparation of the documentation required for the certification of the carbon cookstove project under the Gold Standard

Date Begin : 2014/6

Date End : Ongoing