Climate Impact of Initiative Development stove project in China

Location : Longjie, Guizhou, China

Partners name : Initiative Developpement, Good Planet

Project description: Given that rural families often have no choice but to use wood as their main fuel source, replacing their traditional cookstoves with improved wood-saving ones that are more energy efficient is the most effective way to lower Building Wood-Saving Stoves: Reducing the Social and Environmental Burden wood consumption given the local context. In Weining County of Guizhou Province, one of China’s poorest regions, ID has been distributing such stoves to be used by villagers when they cook food for their pigs, a common and energy-consuming household chore.

Work done :

  • Project intervention design and budget creation
  • Grant writing
  • Baseline assessment and monitoring of project impact
  • Carbon documentation writing and submission to the Gold Standard Foundation

Date Begin : 2012/12

Date End : On going

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