Climate Impact of Initiative Development stove project in Congo

Climate Impact of Initiative Development stove project in Congo

Location : Brazzaville, Chad

Partners name : Initiative Developpement

Project description : The use of wood and charcoal for cooking in Brazzaville is very common. The traditional stoves used are not very efficient and need a lot of fuel to operate. Thus, cooking consumes a lot of wood and charcoal which costs users more and is a major cause of deforestation in the outer ring of Brazzaville. The project aims at creating and organizing a supply and distribution chain for improved cook stoves in Brazzaville. The improved cook stoves promoted can be used with both firewood and charcoal since those two fuels are widely used in Brazzaville. Initiative Development, helped first produce a stove design adapted to local practices. It then organized the production and distribution by insuring quality and doing some marketing and advertising for the stoves.

Work done :

  • Definition of monitoring plan
  • Baseline assessment and monitoring of project impacts
  • Writing of carbon documentation and submission to the Gold Standard Foundation

Date Begin : 2013

Date End : Ongoing