Carbon offset workshop for the cookstove value chain stakeholders in Haiti

Location : Haiti, Port au Prince

Partners name : Chemonics, USAID

Project descrption : The Improved Cooking Technology Program (aka Recho Paw) is a USAID-funded project. It aims to reduce pressure on Haiti’s forests, encourage local and sustainable solutions to environmental concerns, and create cooking options for Haiti that are clean, efficient, affordable, and able to meet local cooking needs. The project focuses on households and large charcoal consumers in Port-au-Prince, expands the market for improved biomass cook stoves and cleaner fuels, assists clean fuel and cook stove suppliers, and addresses regulatory issues that are limiting the expansion of liquefied petroleum gas in the household market. The project also leverages emission reductions resulting from clean cook stove use to generate scale-up revenue through international carbon markets.

Work done :

  • Preparation of a 2 hour workshop on Carbon finance for the stakeholders of the imporved cookstove value chain.
  • Presentation of various options with their advantages, drawbacks and costs.

Date Begin : 2013/10

Date End : 2013/10

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